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How to Improve your Linked In profile

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Uncategorized

This post relates to: Linked In group Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List, established to help Linked In users get more from Linked In. URL’s to articles are listed below.

How to Improve your Linked In profile

I have to confess I have profiles floating around various sites on the internet that are less than current and less than complete.

If you are active on Linked In and wish to get some benefit from having a profile on Linked In, you should consider taking a few minutes to complete your profile.

Apart from looking more professional, a more complete profile will also make you easier to find on Linked In, and the web as a whole.

Linked In has established its self as a networking site for business professionals. It is one of the first places that many people will look to vet or get an understanding of prospective clients, suppliers, colleagues etc.

You may not wish to put your entire life on Linked In, however a “holding profile” with no picture and less than even the most basic details is fairly uninspiring at best.

I have included URL’s for a number of articles specifically about improving your Linked In profile and there are some very good suggestions in those.

My top personal suggestions would be.

Good Photo!

This is in all virtually all articles you will read about improving profiles, and is worth repeating.

The photo should ideally be a decent “head shot” / face photo.

Across ALL Social Media and Social Networking, a good photo including your face has always been one of the most important elements of a profile.

Many studies show that facial recognition is one of the first things that babies learn, and it is one of the most important cues for interpersonal interactions through out our life.

Linked In is a business networking site, consider a professional business related or business like photo, but at least have a picture, preferably including your face.

If it is a company or group then perhaps a logo.

If you have a really cool eye catching “other” photo, or avatar, then maybe…?

In short the picture reflects who you are and how you want people to “see” you and your profile on Lined In. If you want people to look at your profile and take you seriously on Linked In you should have a good picture, preferably a photo clearly showing your face.

Review after a few days

Check for typos, date errors and that it all “feels right”.

You need at least a few days “space” from initial draft to get some objective distance from initial writing so that you can find typos, and check that it really portrays who you are.

Ideally talk to a trusted friend, colleague or spouse ask then to check and provide honest (even if blunt) feedback.

…sending a copy of your profile out to your “contact list” probably will result only a few people glancing at it and no-one actually reading it, let alone giving objective, constructive feedback.

I have seen lawyers who’s profile states that they specialize in “Business Low”.

…not really something that inspires confidence!

Review every 6 – 12 months

If you and your career or business are in a very dynamic state, check your profile a little more often.

It is not a question of vanity, but ensuring it looks and feels “current” reflecting who you are and how you want people to see you.

If you are looking for a new job, I am sure you would review your year old resume, before sending it to a prospective employer.

Your Linked In profile is like your resume for everyone, including prospective clients and suppliers!

Please see the URL’s posted below. It includes one from Linked In, about their “improve your profile” feature, as well as one that talks about the importance to companies for their staff to have good profiles.

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